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"No ST-LINK detected" (STEVAL-IKR002V4)

Question asked by kuehn.stefan on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by kuehn.stefan

I am having problems loading my software (Contiki) on the eval board STEVAL-IKR002V4.
When connecting the board to my Windows7-PC with the USB-cable,
that came with the board, it shows up as a COM-Port in the Windows
device manager.
So far so ***.

Can I use the "ST-LINK utility" to load the software on the eval board via the USB-port on the board? (

When i try that, the "ST-LINK utility" software responds with "No ST-LINK detected".

Actually i use a ST-Version oth the Contiki MIST...(!) where the make file ist pimped to compile for the evalboard.
And i am following a "cooking recipe" from ST based on the IAR compiler.
And it Compiles!
But loading don't. It quits when the command line version (CLI) of the
ST-LINK utility is called. Error message...(you guessed it)..."No ST-LINK detected".

The main question is, however: Can i load the compiled Contiki on the eval board using the USB-port on the board?