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Reload firmware demo for STM32F429i

Question asked by manley.jimmy on Nov 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Clive One
Hi! i got the discovery board STM32F429I Disco (the one with the TFT LCD).
I'm using Ubuntu, and my own toolchain like this .

Using St-link and gdb. I managed to run some of the examples, loading the .elf file to the board with gdb. Up to tat point all good, but the examples i'am using are for the STM32F429 board (the one without the screen). So I wanted to ry the mandelbrot example, i loaded it to the board but nothing happened. Next when i reconnected it to the computer the DEMO (the one that comes as default) was gone and now theres only a blank screen on the TFT LCD. 

I am kinda new using this boards, so my questions are: 
1. ¿How can I get the demo to work again?
2. ¿How do I setup the board to use it with the mandelbrot example from the STM32F429 board (the one without the screen, since it uses USART to display the mandelbrot fractal)?
3. All that taking into consideration the fact that im using st-link and gdb. No other programs.

Im not sure if what i'm asking makes complete sense, but any kind of advice in the right direction is greatly appreciated. I got the board for free an i'm itching to get it to work.