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STM32F20xx generic working HAL example code for MicroCPro Software

Question asked by Christian.B on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by fm

Hello Dear Community-Members,

I am having a problem with the STM32F207VG generated code from STM32CubeMX and the MicroC Pro Software from MircoE.

As I am new in this area I would need some help. The generated HAL from STM32CubeMX for the STM32F207VG is producing a lot of compiling errors if I am using the MicroCPro Software from MicroE. I have a call for that ongoing by MicroE and was now think are the problems may be related to the STM32CubeMX generated code.

Therefore my question I would need a generic working HAL example code of the STM32F20xx to try it with the MicroCPro Software.