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Mistake in 32F429IDISCOVERY B-01 silkscreen?

Question asked by jespersen.thomas.001 on Aug 24, 2014
Hi ST.
I am not quite sure if I have discovered a mistake on the silkscreen of your 32F429IDISCOVERY board - at least I would like to get it clarified myself.
I am about to test and use the LCD in RGB mode using the LCD-TFT controller of the STM32F429 chip.
But when I checked the datasheet and compared it with the PCB it seemed like the R35 and R36 labels were swapped on the silkscreen. According to the mounted resistors and the silkscreen it seems as R44+R41+R37+R35 was mounted, which doesn't make any sense compared to the configuration scheme displayed in the schematic.

Furthermore I would like to ask the reason for chosing a display with built in display controller though not connecting all the 16-bit data pins to the appropriate FSMC/FMC pins?

Best regards
Thomas Jespersen