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Nucleo F401RE SWD ERROR problem

Question asked by lee.seungchan on Aug 22, 2014

I am very angry about defective product "Necleo F401RE" board.
Here is my previous post in mbed community.
This problem is ongoing.
But, there are no solution until yet.
I think I lost my money.
Many people experiencing same problems.See this link

But, STM did not solve that problem.
Recently, I bought another board Nucleo F411RE
This board was working properly at same recent firmware.(V2.J22.M5)
But, Nucleo F401RE did not working yet.



I ordered "NUCLEO-F401RE" for embedded development. But, it's not working properly. When i connect this board to computer, the computer recognize USB drive named as NUCLEO. For development, I need to copy compiled binary file to this USB drive. But, there are no extra capacity and available capacity is 20kB. I can not copy any file to here.

And I found the fail file in the USB drive. When I open the file, I found "SWD ERROR"

I installed driver properly and also I updated the ST-LINK firmware.

Please check the problem and let me know how to fix it. I am looking forward your response.