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STM32F4 Discovery - Audio Device

Question asked by Sthandal on Aug 21, 2014
Dear all, I'm new in STM32's world and I need to realize a device that can be connected to the PC and able to play a music. This is the abstract for the project, in terms of "equipments" I bought an STM32F4 Discovery kit and I'm using IAR Embedded Workbench (is not mandatory).
I spent a couple of days to check on the web some tutorials or examples that fit with what I need but nothing really good for me. Just to start today I have tied to implement a CDC comunication between PC and the kit, I compiled correctly the code and installed the last VirtualCOM Port diver (1.3.1 x64 on Windos7) but the PC is not able to recognize the USB device, probably there is something wrong in my code.
In any case, this is the status but my questions are:
  1. is this way the right one for my project?
  3. am I using the right tool (IAR) to develope?
  5. is CDC a good start point?

So, I need help to identify the right and fastest way to realize this project, as I explained has to be recognized by PC as something like a sound-card and I need to talk to the device (this is the reason why I started with CDC) in order to configure the Codec and others audio devices.

Do you have some suggestions or advises? Some tutorial to highlight or documents to read? I know that there are a couple of docs provided by ST but I had a quick look and I didn't find the solution.

Thank you very much for your help