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Problem adding a Module GUI Demonstration Builder Firmware

Question asked by ed@mtrx on Aug 15, 2014
I have followed the documentation UM1550 STM32 Demonstration Builder developer guide, at Chapter 5 Bulding a Module. Also I have used the template file provided with the Demo, to add this new module and I was successful to include an icon in the right location.
Now, when I click in the icon the code goes nowhere at: (highlighted part)

static void TEMPLATE_INFO_SwitchPage(GL_Page_TypeDef* pParent, uint32_t PageIndex)
  /* Switch to new page, and free previous one. */
  GL_Page_TypeDef* NextPage = NULL;

  (*pParent).ShowPage(pParent, GL_FALSE);
  pParent = NULL;

  if (PageIndex == PAGE_MENU)

vPortFree is a FreeRTOS function is a call to free up RAM, but it may be a pointer problem where there's no definition of the pointer or something, I don;t know.
The original Modules work ok. I am missing something here?
Please help, Thanks.