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STM32 Value Line Discovery Board in Keil: "Unknown Target Connected"

Question asked by smith.derek.001 on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by smith.derek.001
   I'm testing the STM32F100 processor with STMicro L6474 motor driver for a new product. I'm testing with the STM32 Value Line Discovery board. I downloaded and installed Keil uVision, most recent release (5.11). I also downloaded and installed the legacy tools too.
   I downloaded the L6474 software example for the STM32 Value Line Discovery Board. I can open them in uVision, and build the example. But when I attempt to download to the board, I get an error "Unknown Target Connected".

In Options : Debug I selected "ST-Link Debugger" to use. And in Flash Download I selected STM32F10x Med-density Flash".

I have verified that the USB device is showing up in Device Manager.

How do I get this to work? This is holding up development.