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LSM303DLHC Successor / Noise Bandwidth

Question asked by van_den_donker.piete on Apr 29, 2014
I have been planning a product development that needs magnetic information about the earth magnetic field and accelerometer information about the earth gravity field. I prototyped using the LSM303DLHC, but I do not see a successor Is there any, that has equal sensitivity? In some years from now about 1 million a year would be needed.
I have one application question left after my prototype.
 I need very accurate accellerometer info. The deviations at 1Hz data-rate led to the conclusion that I need to measure 1000 times a second to get sufficient samples for averaging towards my desired resolution.
If the bandwith of the measurement is unchanged that approach would work. Can you confirm that increasing the data rate does not increase the noise bandwidth ?