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stm32f4 encoder interface mode

Question asked by mishra.arun on Aug 9, 2014
Hi there! 
I'm using my stm32f4 timer 5 in encoder interface mode. In reference manual it is written for CCxNP/CCxP pins that they should not written 11 (i.e. polarity of trigger on both edges) in encoder interface mode which inhabiting me from getting interrupt on all four edges of encoder. Is there any way to get all four interrupts of encoder signal in encoder interface mode. Below is my initialization code -
GPIOH->AFR[1]          |=          0x00002200;//PinPH10,PH11 in alternate function mode tim5 ch1 and ch2 respectively 
RCC->APB1ENR           |=           RCC_APB1ENR_TIM5EN;//Clock source for timer5 enabled     
TIM5->ARR                    =               0xffff;//Auto relode value for timer5
TIM5->PSC                    =               0;

TIM5->CCMR1               |=          TIM_CCMR1_CC1S_0|TIM_CCMR1_CC2S_0;                                                            //Timer5 ch1 & ch2as input capture
TIM5->CCMR1               &=          ~TIM_CCMR1_CC1S_1|TIM_CCMR1_CC2S_1;

TIM5->DIER               |=          (TIM_DIER_CC1IE | TIM_DIER_CC2IE);//tim5 capture/compare ch1 and ch2 interrupt enable                                        
TIM5->SMCR               |=          TIM_SMCR_SMS_0|TIM_SMCR_SMS_1;//tim5 counter counts on both edges
NVIC_EnableIRQ(TIM5_IRQn);//globally enable timer 5 interrupt
TIM5->CCER               |=          TIM_CCER_CC1E|TIM_CCER_CC2E; //capture/compare 1 and 2 enable
TIM5->CR1                    |=          TIM_CR1_CEN;