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Non volatile memory on 32F429I discovery board

Question asked by m_gustafsson on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by m_gustafsson
I have a 32F429I discovery board and I have some parameters, e.g. touch screen calibration information, that I would like to store in a non volatile memory. 

As far as I understand it I have the options of:
1 - storing the data on a USB memory connected to the second USB port on the board.
2 - use the RTC backup registers which will keep their data as long as there are power on the Vbat.

I have tried with 1, but I have troubles getting the USB memory to work in a stable way.
I have also tried 2, but as I understand it the Vdd is powered from the same pin as the Vbat (on the disco board) and thus the board will not power off if the RTC backup registers are to keep their data. This would in principle be OK if the screen could be turned off from SW, but I understand that is not possible.

Would it be possible to store data into the flash memory of the controller, or are there any other suggested way of doing this?

Many thanks for suggestions.