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Proper way to reset a LSM303DLHC

Question asked by filo.john on Mar 6, 2014
Short of removing and reapplying power, is there a way to reset an LSM303DLCH?  I'm having an issue where some device on the I2C bus is driving the SCLK low after a reset of the host processor, making it impossible to communicate with any devices after that.  The only way to clear the problem at that point is to cycle power on the system.  I don't know which device is driving the bus low, but there are only two options; the LSM303 or a Maxim RTC.  I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this issue and prevent it from happening in the future, but as a failsafe I'd like to be able to reset the devices if this condition is ever detected.  I'm a software guy, so maybe I overlooked something obvious in the data sheet, but I don't see an sort of reset line.