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STM32F3 Discovery power circuit heating up

Question asked by frey.zachary on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by fm
I was testing my STM32F3Discovery with an external 5V power supply (generic 5V 2A wall plug), and after about 30 seconds it stopped operating (LED flashing demo stopped flashing), and soon after I smelled something burning, and unplugged it.  
Now, when I plug it in via USB, I cannot debug it, although I can still program it, and it will seemingly run fine when being powered via USB, however the USB terminal becomes hot to the touch.  When I power it by connecting the power leads to the 5V and GND pins, the area around the U1 chip, which seems to be the power circuit according to the schematics, becomes very hot.  
Now, I assume I've probably irreversibly destroyed something in the board, and I'll have to order another one, however I have no idea what damaged it, and I'm afraid I'll just end up destroying another board.