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STM32F4 Disco Flash IAP questions

Question asked by phillips_jr..clyde on Jul 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2014 by phillips_jr..clyde
I program in assembly language. I need hardware calrification, not c code please.

1) The parallelsim setting for USB/St-Link power would be x32? (PSIZE=10). Ie I understand the external power option whic I would be supplying but for the ST-Link supplied power is this a correct understanding?

2) The Standard Programming section of RM0090 implied that you write a word ( with x32 parallelism setting ) at a time with each word write "ack'd" by waiting for the BSY bit to be cleared. Is this correct understanding.

3) Access to flash code execution is mentioned in a way that implies it os "tricky" Does this mean that I can't execute code in flash sector 1/2 to program other sectors?

Thanks, Clyde