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Put HVLED815pf to sleep, is possible?

Question asked by eboli.fabio.001 on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by eboli.fabio.001
Hello, I've prototyped a led driver built around 
an HVLED815PF, it's woking nicely.

Now I'd like to add an integrated day/night
switch to the lamp, with minimal components.
Is it possible to put the HVLED815 in some
sort of sleep-mode or standby, with minimal
power consumption from th supply
(while the rectified mains is still on the drain)? 
Or I have to disconnect the circuit form
the mains supply?

The lamp is a 10W led lamp, powered from 230V mains,
high power factor circuit, not dimmable, built adapting the
AN4129 schematic and component values.

Fabio Eboli