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VL6180X performance

Question asked by Ilan Sharon on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by s.heri

The application is simple - proximity detection between 20mm and 150mm.
The VL6180x is clear (no glass or any other surface covering the sensor)

I tried to initialize both with the default values of the VL6180X and with the values used in the ‘Premium Eval board’ and with two different sensors and always got the same results. The readings under ~100 mm were in the minimum.

Changing the offset (SYSRANGE_PART_TO_PART_RANGE_OFFSET) didn’t change the minimal sensing distance, nor changing other parameters like the SYSRANGE_THRESH_LOW/HIGH, SYSRANGE_RANGE_IGNORE_VALID_HEIGHT and many others.

What can cause this kind of behavior? Any recommendations?