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Sequence of ADC conversion in Regular Simultaneous Mode

Question asked by Selva.Solo on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by Clive One
Hi Everyone
     In my project, I need to capture 6 channel ADC signals in Regular Simultaneous Mode. for that, I just started for 2 channels (Channel 0 in ADC1 & Channel 1 in ADC2). Since it does simultaneous conversion, I gave the conversion sequence as 1,1 (i.e Rank for Ch0 is 1 & Ch1 is 1). It is working fine. But when i try it for 6 channels I'm getting problem, I'm not getting the actual signal, what I'm giving. I just confused with the sequence. For 6 channels i gave the sequence as (ADC1 Ch0 is 1 & ADC2 Ch1 is 1 ) (ADC1 Ch2 is 2 & ADC2 Ch3 is 2 ) (ADC1 Ch4 is 3 & ADC2 Ch5 is 3 ) is it right ???  can anyone help me... Please.

Part Number - STM32F103VDT7
Number of Samples - 256

Thank You...