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STM32F4 Discovery: HAL Timer Setup for Interrupt

Question asked by r.gary on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by r.gary

I'm hoping to get some help on this problem as the ST documents I can find do not provide anything more than commented code, and no sign of a working sample (as I need it) to be found. Even searching for HAL: on this forum is difficult because it returns every hit from someone called "baird.hal"

Can anyone on this forum provide a working example, or the steps, to set up a simple peripheral countdown (or up) timer that runs an interrupt handler? And please explain just where the *user* code goes in the interrupt handler?

Arrrggghhhh....I didn't have this much trouble with the LPC1768, but understand this HAL layer is pretty new stuff. Could really use some input here...thanks!!