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Problem in CAN1 of STM3220G-Eval

Question asked by melo.gustavo on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by melo.gustavo
Hi, I have faced problems using CAN1 in evaluation board STM3220G-Eval. I've used the CAN Network example project of STM32F2xx STD LIB. I have two STM3210C-Eval and one STM3220G-Eval. So I tested the network between STM3210C-Eval boards and it worked. I tested the network between STM3210C-Eval and STM3220G-Eval but it didn't work. So, I tried to use CAN2 instead of CAN1 in STM3220G-Eval (by change the definition USE_CAN1 to USE_CAN2 and setting jumpers JP3 and JP10 correctly) and it worked. I've searched for similar problems in the forum but have no success.
Can anyone help me? What is wrong with this?