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STM32f4x9i EVAL ( 429 /439 ) board camera module problem

Question asked by Mariano Abad on Jun 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2014 by Mariano Abad
Hi guys , I'm facing some problem(s) while trying to get some video from the camera module included with both 4x9 EVAL boards. The demo program  shows "Error while Initializing Camera Interface"

While debugging the camera initialization ,ov2640_ReadID() returns 0x00.
I've attached a logic analizer to the scl/sda pins on the module and I can clearly see the camera is not responding to anything , I've double checked the camera module address in the code and in the datasheet and they match.  I've tested this behavior on two different evaluation boards so i'm not sure if it's hardware related or not.

Hope someone  shed some lights on this problem.