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32F429I-Discovery upgrade ST-Link firmware trick

Question asked by Christopher Pappas on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by Hungyin Chang
Hello all!,
For everyone with an  STM32F429I-Discovery board  trying to upgrade the ST-Link firmware thru the ST-Link Utility version 3.4.0. If you don't see the DFU mode present message on connect and ST-Upgrade refuses to connect, do this to make it work properly:

1.  Jumper both Boot0 and Boot1.
2.  Plug in the ST-Link cable and the USB OTG cable.
3.  Run ST-Link Utility, and select "Upgrade Firmware" to start ST-Upgrade.
4.  Do not click on connect yet (it will fail almost every time).  
5.  Unplug the ST-Link Mini-B cable, leaving the USB OTG Micro-B cable attached.
6.  Wait for 6 seconds.
7.  Plug the ST-Link Mini-B cable back in.
8.  Wait another 6 seconds.
9.  Click the "Connect" button. You should now see the current firmware message.

Now you can click the "Upgrade" button to update the firmware.