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STM32F0308-DISCO stop consumption

Question asked by giovoni.roberto on May 20, 2014
Hi all.
I have to test stop comsunption using jumper JP2 present 
on th board (STM32F0308-DISCO board).

I have measured high value (abiut 200 uA)
Into STM32F030x datasheet the value is declared about 5 to 32 uA Max

Note that:
-All GPIO are OUT with no pull up - no pull down, at 0 level and with no loads connected
- Only PORTA is in input with push button B1 cpnnected
- All pheripheral, and CPU clock stopped
- Only LSI clock active to clock RTC
-1,8 Volts internal regulator is in low power modality
-A/D off
- The board is powered from PC usb interface

Thank's in advance for help