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PORT and TIM issue with Discovery Board STM32F407

Question asked by generaux.jack on May 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 10, 2014 by generaux.jack
I am working on a sine wave program as a part of an Amateur Radio project.  I have a working code producing what I want using TIM3-- PWM and PORTC.  I am unfortunately unable to neither change the TIM3 to any other TIM nor am I able to change my PORTC to PORTE.  The code follows closely the PWM example by STM and Andrew Markham's approach to the interrupt handle.  I can post code, although I am not sure of the proper messaging protocol for code in this forum.  Since the code is working fine using TIM3 and PORTC, I would have thought that either change would have been a simple task.  I have of course tried to change only one at a time.  Changes compile fine with no errors;  but no output is found on the appropriate pin using an oscilloscope, except the TIM3/PORTC arrangement. Thanks for any help.

Jack (W0FNQ)