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ST-Link Utility MCU Core Panel fails to read registers

Question asked by gary on May 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by gary
I have no problem using Utility v3.1.0 and firmware V2.J17.S0 with a Discovery-F3.

I'm having a problem with v3.3.0 (the latest) with firmware V2.J19.S0. Most everything works except that the MCU Core Panel dialog fails to show register values. That dialog can still halt, reset, start okay -- just no register values. Has anyone else tried this?

Do the register values show using the latest (v3.3.0) ST-Link Utility together with any ST-LINK/V2, not just the one embedded on a Discovery-F3, like say one on another EVAL or DISCOVERY board or when using the standalone adapter that comes in a finished enclosure?