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Solved: Another mistake in M24SR datasheet

Question asked by kazola on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by ST NFC

as [DEAD LINK /public/STe2ecommunities/memories/Lists/M24SR%20Series/Flat.aspx?RootFolder=/public/STe2ecommunities/memories/Lists/M24SR%20Series/M24SR%20-%20mistake%20in%20table%2067%20Datasheet&FolderCTID=0x01200200770978C69A1141439FE559EB459D758000ED3A9C6410AD9C49B9619F3BDE3D015F&currentviews=84]somebody commented, there is a mistake in the M24SR's datasheet. In Figure "NDEF tag Application Select Command" a 0x04 is missing between 0xA4 and 0x00.

In addition, there is another one in the last byte of the time flow. Last bytes have to be 0xF1 0x09. These two errors are present at least in my version of M24SR02-Y.

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