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STM32F429 Discovery FW_Upgrade hex to bin

Question asked by johnh on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by Clive One

I have the cool STM32F429 discovery board.

I am wanting to use the FW_Upgrade project as a test system for my own product release but I am having a problem getting started. The FW_upgrade project comes with the software download from ST for the STM32F429 discovery board.

I compile/link the MDK-ARM FW_Upgrade project and get a .hex output which I use to program the board. I then load on a USB key one of the two binaries (.bin) which come with the project in the binary folder, either SysTick or LTDC_ColorKeying, and rename to image.bin. And as documented, the image.bin gets downloaded from the USB key and runs.

Question 1: I have a lot of .hex programs that I would like to convert to a .bin and load as image.bin on a USB key to see if they run. I have used different hex2bin, and nothing seems to work.

So I tried this. Also on the software download from ST are a number of peripheral projects, one of which is SysTick. I go in there, compile/link this project with MDK-ARM and get a .hex output. For a test, I program the board with the .hex directly and it works. I then convert the .hex to .bin, rename it image.bin and put on USB key. After I program the board with the FW_Upgrade.hex, and insert the USB key, I get a green light, but then nothing. I am guessing that it gets downloaded, but then jumps to neverland, which makes me think that I am not converting the .hex to .bin correctly.

How did the .bin that are in the ST software download binary folder for the FW_Upgrade project got converted from a .hex. Question 2: How do I do that, in other words how do I convert any .hex to .bin so that I can put any image.bin on USB key and have the FW_Upgrade load it properly.