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custom usb device based on hid class

Question asked by nabi.meisam on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by sibufavica sibufavica
I'm developing a project on stm32f4discovery whit stm32f4407vgt6 MCU.
I want to develop a USB code based on hid class  that can receive my command and data from PC and send another command and data to PC but not in periodic time

I use hid class from STM-CUBE-MX and STM-cube-F4 but that is a mouse sample, I develop a custom hid too, but I get command and data from PC in periodic time by HAL_delay(); function in while(1) of main().
how can I detect receive of new buffer from PC without periodic read buffer?
for example can I use a interrupt on input endpoint when a data is receive from PC or not?