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Help in intializing i2c

Question asked by Az.Shahab on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by Az.Shahab
hi all
i run a tiny project with STM32L433 and have a problem with i2c protocol ,
i have a MCP79410 microchip real time chip and use it for this project
after i initialize i2c with HAL DRIVER i should use HAL APIs
ok , that so easy , but one problem occur : it function just write on the bus . its mean when i send address device than chip can write on the bus : for example i need to access contents in 0x02 register location on device target , after i use this function and write 0x02 on bus, i cant read any byte on bus because this function only write on the bus and when end , it close the bus , i need to content after called register address :( it same not possible