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Stm32CubeMX - STM32F7 Library Install Issue

Question asked by sotack.john on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by Tamas Novak

I get an error each time I attempt to install the library "Firmware Package for Family STM32F7" into STM32Cube MX.  This occurs after removing the original Zip files and uninstalling reinstalling STM32CubeMX.

The installs without issues.

The failed install sequence is shown below is shown in the attached screenshots file.

The Firmware Packet for Family STM32F7 (V1.51)  is selected.  Note Installed version is blank.

The install now button is clicked and then the second and third error dialogs occur.
The error message contains. "These Files have problem during Download: (Target directory already exists).

When process is complete, Firmware Packet for Family STM32F7 is shown as not installed.  The 1.5.1 is the available version.  The installed version field is blank.

To eliminate a corrupt install from being an issue, I uninstalled / reinstalled cube, and deleted the zip files in the repository directory.