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ST BLDC motor control STM3240G-EVAL

Question asked by Machfax on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by Machfax

I'm working with the STM3240G-EVAL Board and trying to drive a BLDC Motor from Maxon EC-max 30 type 339923 (
On the motor side I have Hall sensors and an encoder with 500impulses / turn, 2 channels A+B and the Z channel.
I used the ST Motor control workbench to set the parameters and IO PINs. Target Lib is SDK v3.4.
I'm wondering why I don't need the HALL sensor signals to detect the correct angle of the motor.
My problem is now, that I have not a sine current on the motor phases and i can't change the speed of the motor...
How can I tune the PID parameters from the speed controller and the PID parameters of the clarke and park transformation?
I really need help as soon as possible because I need to getting run with this motor as soon as possible. I hope that anyone can help me.
The Plot from the oscilloscope is from the turning motor, the yellow CH1 is the Hall sensor signal from the phase U of the Motor, CH2 = U, CH3 = V, CH4 = W.

Best regards, Dominik