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Problem with initialization ADC2 STM32L476RET in HAL

Question asked by lozhechkin.oleg.001 on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by lozhechkin.oleg.001
Good day!

I use microcontroller stm32l476ret.
In CubeMX create desired configuration and  create  project for Keil v.5.
The Keil everything compiles without errors.
Pour the code into the microcontroller. The microcontroller runs and freezes on
ADC2 initialization error.
If  remove the ADC2 initialization code all working properly.
I tried to pass in debug mode - see that cycling is on ADC2 initialization error.
I tried to do the minimum configuration: ADC2, SWD, quartz and GPIO.
Hangs on initialization.
Tried different modes ADC2  - the result of initialization error.
I am tried 2 different chips
This problem occurs only with the ADC2. ADC1 and ADC3 working properly.
I am use CubeMX 4.17, fw package for stm32l4 1.5.2, Keil 5.21a.

Maybe it's a bug in the HAL?