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STM32F4xx CMSIS with clang compiler / many warnings

Question asked by anpie on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by ForumSTM32.ForumSTM3

I'm starting a project which uses an STM32F4xx as MCU. I want to use the STM32CubeMx tool for hardware setup and the ST CMSIS libraries for hardware control.

As compiler I want to use the Keil ARM v6.5 compiler (which is clang). Problem is, if I compile the CMSIS sources with the __GNUC__ definition, the build is successful but it generates really a lot of warnings (about 1000 for a few CMSIS files).

Now I'm wondering if there is a better way (or another library from ST?) to use the ST CMSIS files with clang or not?

Are there any experiences using the CMSIS with clang / arm compiler V6? (is this combination recommended?).

Thank you in advance!