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stm32f401 with vs1053b

Question asked by marri.krishna on Nov 4, 2016

I am working on STM32F401 with VS1053b. VS1053b (slave) is SPI interface with SPI1 of STM32F401rct( Master). 

    In order to communicate the vs1053b, we need to drive two different clocks of SPI SCLK (clock) i.e. Low Speed and High Speed.
    Low Speed (656KHz of SPI Master CLOCK) for communicate Write/read with SCI(Serial Command Interface) Register of VS1053.
    High Speed (5.25MHz of SPI Master CLOCK)for data to be send to vs1053. 

    we able to read the registers of VS1053b Audio Codec chip using stm32f401rct with LOw Speed, 
    but when we perform a SDI(serial Data Interface) test on VS1053b chip with SPI High Speed Mode not getting desire output.

   please Suggest, how to write data from STM32f401 to VS1053b Chip in SPI High Speed Mode.