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How using HAL function to put I2C slave to be ready for receiving and transmit at same time ?

Question asked by blue.andy on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by Harvey White
What I want to implement is to use I2C for communication between processors. 
To simplify, one processor be I2C master and another be slave; I2C master sends
command by I2C Master transmit and checks state by I2C Master receive. I want to
setup the I2C slave to be ready to I2C slave transmit and I2C slave receive at
the same time, in another word, be read for I2C master to either issue command
or check status.  I thought I can use HAL_I2C_Slave_Receive_IT(…) and
HAL_I2C_Slave_Transmit_IT(…), but it seems like the second function
call will supersede the previous one, which leave the I2C slave be
ready to either transmit or receive but not both.
I use a STM32F0 for the I2C slave implementation.