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STM32CubeF7 v1.5.1 Bug Report(register definition file incorrect)

Question asked by Suyama.Yasuhiro on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by Imen D

Dear all ST staff,

I found a small bug in CubeF7 v1.5.1.

Bug found at preprocessor macro definition of "FMC_SDCMR_MODE_2" at stm32f7 register definition files(stm32f745xx.h, stm32f746xx.h, stm32f756xx.h, stm32f765xx.h, stm32f767xx.h, stm32f769xx.h, stm32f777xx.h, stm32f779.h).

It shows a case of the stm32f746xx.h below.

1.@@ -4579,7 +4579,7 @@
2./******************  Bit definition for FMC_SDCMR register  ******************/
3.#define  FMC_SDCMR_MODE                     0x00000007U        /*!<MODE[2:0] bits (Command mode) */
4.#define  FMC_SDCMR_MODE_0                   0x00000001U        /*!<Bit 0 */
5.#define  FMC_SDCMR_MODE_1                   0x00000002U        /*!<Bit 1 */
6.-#define  FMC_SDCMR_MODE_2                   0x00000003U        /*!<Bit 2 */
7.+#define  FMC_SDCMR_MODE_2                   0x00000004U        /*!<Bit 2 */

I think "FMC_SDCMR_MODE_2" is binary value at Bit 2 set.

Therefore, "FMC_SDCMR_MODE_2" should be defined as "0x00000003U", but defined at "0x00000004U".

After this modification, I was  success the operation of "FMC peripheral(SDRAM)" with using "FMC_SDCMR_MODE_2" value without using AL Driver API.

Plz fix until next release.


Best regards,