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Activating drivers

Question asked by schwanewilms.sebasti on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Giovanni Di Sirio
I want to explore the SPC5 Studio. Therefore I created a new SPC5 C/C++ Makefile project. In the configuration.xml I added via the graphical editor a "STMicroelectronics SPC560B/Cxx Platform Component".
To this component I added a "SPC5-HAL SPC560BCxx OS-Less Runtime Package Component". In one of its sub-components ("SPC5-HAL Portable HAL Component") I tried to activate some drivers. But there are only two drivers configurable ("PAL" and "Serial"). All other drivers can't be selected.

(1) My first question is now whether I forgot something important to activate other drivers or is there an other way to do that.
(2) Second I wanted to request if there are some more documentations about the SPC5 Studio than those which can be found in the Studio itself.

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