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Porting STM32F412 FSMC example to STM32F407 for Driving TFT LCD

Question asked by thomas.roy.001 on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Hoffmann.Cobus
I am trying to port the "STemWin_HelloWorld" example in   Applications  section of "STM32F412G-Discovery" board  of "stm32cube_fw_f4_v1130 " package.
The code is originally for STM32F412G which uses FSMC peripheral to interface to LCD. I am trying to adapt to STM32F407ZET6.
I have chnaged to startup file for my chip as well as the CMSIS file for the 407 family. the clock I brought to same speed as the original example. LED blinking part of this example  is runing ok in my new board. But the FSMC part seems not communication with TFT. I just tried by reading some registers of my LCD controller which is having some values by default. but  FSMC access always returns 0 in my debugger. I am stuck here.
Do we need any chnage in the FSMC code of STM32F412   when the destination is STM32F407? . As far as I can understand the original code uses function names with prefix FMC, but may be because the original code may be from a chip with FMC .Also FMC is only an  enhancement of FSMC and many defines of FMC are just like a wrapper over FSMC parameters.
Any clues for my problem?