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failed to start debugging on STM32F0308-Discovery board with OpenSTM32

Question asked by blue.andy on Oct 23, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by ForumSTM32.ForumSTM3
I’m be interested to use OpenSTM32, as it runs across platforms of Linux,MacOSX and Windows, 
with Eclipse and plugins to integrate Gnu ARM GCC and OpenOCD.
But I get a problem when try to start debugging session on the board of STM32F0308-Discovery. I have the all toolchain installed and updated to latest. Start debugging on STM32F0Discovery
board is all fine.
The failure message on  STM32F0308-Discovery says timeout and failed on holding reset,
and further information seems prompt a failure on erasing flash.  I tried to invoke Target=> Erase chip,
from OpenSTM32, and it failed on timeout.  However, when I try to use “ST-Link Utility” to
erase and programing the board of STM32F0308-Discovery, it went through all fine. And also,
I have another set of wrapper tool over OpenOCD, can start debugging session properly,
which of course means of erase/programming the flash on  STM32F0308-Discovery properly.
So, after all, I have the question to the configuration file on OpenOCD for 
STM32F0308-Discovery and STM32F0Discovery.  I know they are been provided differently,
the question is, what the essential difference need to be between the two of OpenOCD configure
file? Please help.