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STM32CubeMX I2S DMA buffer size

Question asked by Eternauta on Oct 23, 2016
Hi everybody,
when using the Standard Peripheral Library I could set DMA buffer size for I2S using something like the following:

  DMA_InitStructure.DMA_BufferSize = BUFFER_SIZE;

But when using STM32CubeMX I could not find the equivalent.  Setting buffer size is important to me because process latency depends on it.  I've found in the code generated by STM32CubeMX references to DMA_SetConfig(), which in turns sets NTDR:

static void DMA_SetConfig(DMA_HandleTypeDef *hdma, uint32_t SrcAddress, uint32_t DstAddress, uint32_t DataLength)
  /* Configure DMA Stream data length */
  hdma->Instance->NDTR = DataLength;

DMA_SetConfig() is called from HAL_DMA_Start() and HAL_DMA_Start_IT(), but none of the latter functions are called from generated code. 

UPDATE: I've seen an example where HAL_DMA_Start_IT() is called from user code, will try using that:

  HAL_DMA_Start_IT(hi2s3.hdmarx,  (uint32_t)&I2SxEXT(hi2s3.Instance)->DR, (uint32_t)input_buffer, sizeof(input_buffer)/sizeof(input_buffer[0]));

  HAL_DMA_Start_IT(hi2s3.hdmatx,  (uint32_t)&I2SxEXT(hi2s3.Instance)->DR, (uint32_t)output_buffer, sizeof(output_buffer)/sizeof(output_buffer[0]));