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SPC560C50 PADSEL configuration

Question asked by ttahut on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by Giovanni Di Sirio
This is my first SPC560 implementation and I'm having a hard time deciphering what the Reference Manual is trying to tell me with respect to PADSEL fields in the PSMI registers.  For example, lets say I want to configure the DSPI peripheral to act as a SPI slave, DSPI0 to be exact.  The way I read the data sheet. I need to configure the PCR registers as follows:
  For SIN: PCR[12]= 0x0104
  For SOUT: PCR[13]= 0x0407
  For SCK: PCR[14]= 0x0504
  For CS0: PCR[15]= 0x0504
My question is with respect to the inputs (SIN, SCK, and CS0).  The latter 2 are inputs because I want to be a SPI slave. I believe I do not have to do anything more for the SIN input because that is not muxed with other inputs.  According to the reference manual and data sheet, I need to set the appropriate PADSEL bits in the PSMI registers to 'specify the pad to be used via the appropriate PSMI field'. That's where I get confused.  I can't quite figure out what value I need to put in the PADSEL fields.  It looks to me like I need to set PADSEL5 and PADSEL6 to something to select the proper input- but what? I'm assuming based on the number of PADSEL fields (32), that each bit corresponds to a PAD, but which bits correspond to which PADS?

Thanks for any insight.....