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One Pulse Mode with STM32F429DiscoveryBoard

Question asked by Seeboerger.Patrick on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Seeboerger.Patrick
Hallo together,

I want to use Timer 1 to capture a logic high input at Pin A9 and to create an output signal at Pin A10.

I have written the following code which is derived from an STM32F10x example.
I do not get any output signal at PA10.
Would be nice if someone could tell me what is wrong with my code!

Thanks in advance.

Code can be seen attached in Tim_13_3.txt

Additional questions:

In the end I want to produce 2 pulses where the duration of the first one is dependent on a changing value and the second pulse is fixed. The delay between the first and second pulse is also fixed. 
Do you know any possibility except the delay function how this double pulse could be built up with high precision (+/- 0.5 microseconds)?

Thank you,

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