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STemWin problems with stm32f429I

Question asked by Zotes.Jesus.001 on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by ForumSTM32.ForumSTM3
Hello everybody;

I have several questios about the usage of the stemwin librarie. I would like to have some help to solve them.

I have use the templates of the stemwin librarie to perform a driver for my tft. It have a 24bit rgb interface. I am using the DVRLIN24 to drive the display.

The driver have by default the address 0 to start writing. If I change that value to the value of the firs address of the LCD register or the internal SRAM1 the code break(hard faul interrupt).

If I do not change nothing, my code works but nothin it is done by the display.

I have read in this forum that stm32f429 do not have enought RAM to use the stemwin librarie without an external RAM, and if you want to use that you have to malloc some RAM space.

My problem is: Where y have to write the info i want to send to the display. Also reading the templates code, i understand that i have to program by hand 4 functions in the config files. This functions are: Draw rect, display rect, draw bitmap16 and draw bitmap8.

It seems to use that functios to know how to write in the display. It is that ok?

I can see al the inicilization signals in the oscilloscope and they are in the correct timing.

My problem start when i want to send information to the display. Could anybody help me? Thanks