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Which USB device class to choose?

Question asked by lampe.julian on Oct 12, 2016
Hey guys
i'd like to use my STM32F4 to transfer data from the MCU to the PC (and vice versa).
I thought it would be the easiest for the PC to be the host and the MCU to be the device, therefore i have worked my way through the STM32Cube USB device library.

Now if i got this correct there are 3 possible fitting classes

HID Class
pro: does not require an extra (Win) PC driver, which is pretty nice
cons: only 64 byte per packet (i'm not so sure if this limit only applied to the config channel or all channels, maybe you can enlighten me ;))
CDC class:
pro: seams to be easy to use
cons: does need an extra VCP driver (on windows)

last but not least: the mass storage class
pros: seems to be ideal for very large data ?!
cons: does it require an extra driver?

could you fill in my blanks?
Which of these classes would you use?