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stm32f4CubeMx IAR ethernet + lwip project, eth receive problem

Question asked by Kauppi.Teijo on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by kerr.matthew

I'm creating new project for CubeMx and using freeRtos and lwip. i was able to get eth tx workin(verified in tcpdump) dhcp request with correct mac. I was unable to get ethernet to react on receive -> there is no ethernet RX IRQ.

Thing that i've done:
- Changed PHY ADDR to 0 (default is 1)
- added 1s delay before mac and phy init
In these changes we managed to get TX working

When i enable eth dma error irq flags i i get  TBUIE: transmit buffer unavailable interrupt
and and ethernet is not working any more in neither direction.

Using stm32f407 and micrel ksz8081 phy

All ideas are welcome!