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BLDC faults using Motor Control Library (FOC SDK v4.2)

Question asked by giraldez_gamez.franc on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by FTITI.Walid
Hello everybody,

I am trying to run a BLDC motor with the FOC SDK v4.2, using a STEVAL-IHM021V2 power stage and STMF32F303RE Nucleo board as MCU.

I set everything up with no trouble and connect the board to MC Workbench, but when I click start the motor shivers and stops. If I use Hall sensors, I receive a Speed Feeback fault, while sensorless I get a Start-up fault.

I believe they are both originated by the same issue: the low sides for U and W are always triggered simultaneously. I have revised the connections and they are not mutually connected. Did someone have the same problem? Any solutions/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,