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define ARM_MATH_XX

Question asked by Zamek on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2016 by Zamek
Hi All,

I made a project with CubeMX 4.16.1. I want to use FreeRTOS as a 3rd party lib. 
I generate the code to SW4STM32 because I use Eclipse CDT. When I want to compile it, I've  got some error:

First: in arm_math.h it needs stdint.h because there are a lot of uintxx_t. 
Second: thre is an error: #error "Define according the used Cortex core ARM_MATH_CM7, ARM_MATH_CM4, ARM_MATH_CM3, ARM_MATH_CM0PLUS or ARM_MATH_CM0"

My questions are:
- what is the main config file, where I need to define ARM_MATH_ version?
- may I modify arm_math.h to include stdint.h, or is there any better place (header file)?