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difference between i2c master and slave configuration-stm32f4

Question asked by armoun.mohamad on Mar 2, 2014
i wnat to have one slave i2c that receive data that transmit by master.
i wrote the master side, but in the receiver slave i dont know what should i do to get that data in i2c .
if anybody knows how should i do ,
you know, is think this procedure is true :"

The master is initially in master transmit mode by sending a start bit followed by the 7-bit address of the slave it wishes to communicate with, which is finally followed by a single bit representing whether it wishes to write(0) to or read(1) from the slave.

If the slave exists on the bus then it will respond with an ACK bit (active low for acknowledged) for that address. The master then continues in either transmit or receive mode (according to the read/write bit it sent), and the slave continues in its complementary mode (receive or transmit, respectively).


i don't know how to implement this in stm32f4.
at least i don't know in slave receiver side. please help me