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HAL_CAN_Transmit timeout on STM32F429 using CubeF4 example

Question asked by f.mic on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Havens Tian

I'm having trouble implementing the STM32CubeF4 CAN example on my STM32F429I-Disco board. I'm using the CAN Network example provided with the STM324x9_Eval which in the readme.txt says:
This example runs on STM32F429xx/STM32F439xx devices.
My problem lies with the HAL_CAN_Transmit() function which returns a HAL_CAN_Transmit_TIMEOUT status whenever I'm trying to transmit a message. I can't read any output with on the CAN_tx pins with an oscilloscope.

I tried testing the program with two STM32F429 boards using a MCP2551 CAN Transceiver for each.

I haven't done much with the example code except change the GPIO pins for CAN1 pins PB8 (CAN rx) and PB9 (CAN tx).

I read in this earlier post that there might be a bug with the HAL_CAN_Transmit() function and was wondering if anyone knows of a workaround?

Here's an earlier post about someone having similar problems: