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STM32F030 and X-CUBE-WIFI1

Question asked by Guilherme Thome on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by FTITI.Walid
Hi all,
I'm developing a solution with a STM32F030 and a serial-to-WiFi module SPWF01SA. I downloaded the expansion package X-CUBE-WIFI1 from ST website that provides sample implementations for others NUCLEO like as STM32L0, L4, F1 and F4.

I started from STM32L0 sample and changed the some function/registers to the STM32F0, but I'm having some problems...

First, a lot of UART data were being lost in the reception, then when I commented the lines that disabled the interruption before pop a byte from the circular buffer in the queue:

    WiFi_Counter_Variables.temp = pop_buffer_queue(&wifi_instances.big_buff); //contents of temp(pop_buffer) will not change till another de-queue is made

This improved a lot, it seemed that I had solved, but some bytes are being lost yet. I think it is something in the software, beetween the push queue and pop queue from serial UART.

I tried to change the interruption priority from UART(push data) and Systick (pop data). Also change the interruption  frequency, but nothing worked.

I don't have much experience with queues.
Do you have some tips to help me?

It will be very usefull if ST provide an update for X-CUBE-WIFI1 with SMT32F0. Because the STEVAL-IDW001V1 software library is outdated.

Thanks in advance.