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ST-Link (SWD)// STM32F4Discovery

Question asked by horvat.felix on Feb 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by fm
I used the discovery kit to prototype a control-board. The self developed board using the stm32F4 MPU works well. Thus far i flashed it with the st link debugger that is integrated into the kit, which worked fine. Now i've bought a st-link standalone debugger and tried to flash with it. Sadly the IDE throws the Error: "Flash driver function execute error". I upgraded the St-Link to the newest firmware, but that didn't help.

To verify that nothing wrong with my self-developed board i tried to flash the Discovery Board with the external ST-LINK (Jumper for internal ST-LINK pulled of, and the external ST-Link connected to these PINs; GND, and RST also connected), the error stayed the same ...

Is the St-Link i got broken, or am i doing somthing wrong?